Talk things through in a safe, non-judgemental, nurturing environment... Speak and be heard.

Emergency Counselling appointments are available via telephone.  If you find yourself in a situation where you need to talk, please do give me a call.  Emergency sessions can usually be arranged within a few hours.

Whatever you are going through, being able to talk things through in an environment that is totally neutral can be enormously beneficial.

Counselling can help you to understand your own feelings, and can help you navigate your way through difficult experiences and emotions.

Appointments usually take 50 - 60 minutes, although 90 minute appointments are available if necessary.

Contact me for an informal chat about how Counselling can help you, with no obligation to make an appointment.

I work with you as a client to help navigate your way through what is often a difficult situation in your life.  You may be at a crossroads and feel unsure about which way to turn, or you may feel stuck in a rut without a clear path ahead.  

Counselling can help with stress, anxiety, relationship difficulties and sexual issues.  Whilst I offer relationship counselling, I work with individuals and don't offer couples counselling.  

Counselling can also help with self esteem and self worth issues, perhaps when you put everyone other than yourself first.  Perhaps you find yourself feeling put-upon and worthless, and feeling that you can't say no to the endless demands people put on you.

Counselling is enormously beneficial for helping you to move forwards from past events which have left you feeling guilt or shame, and these feelings often create a barrier to you moving forwards to achieve your full potential.  Counselling can help to bring down that barrier, healing wounds from the past and enabling you to move forwards in a beneficial way.